today: toe caps and pjyamas

coat: zara (similar here) / top: asos (similar style here) / jeans (here) and shoes (similar here): topshop / bag: D&G 

first of all: can we all just take a moment to discuss how it looks like i have claws in the shadow? haha, it makes me look evil!
anyways, this outfit combines some of my favourite things, which i’m sure you’re familiar with if you’re a regular reader. black skinny jeans, leather sleeves, slightly oversized shirts… you may think it’s boring, but it’s one of my favourite looks. as a person who always gets up 15 minutes too late, being able to quickly pick things from my wardrobe is really important. part of me wishes i could be more ruthless with my closet and get rid of 50% of it, so it could be more streamlined and focused. but, i’d probably freak out and replace it all in a heartbeat. some day i’ll transform myself into caroline blomst (mentioned her so many times on here, stalkerrrr) or emmanuelle alt but for now i’ll have to admire their style from afar, while surrounded by a mountain of clothes.
oh, and i’m a million years late to the toe cap trend, i know. they were put in my online basket so many times before they went in the sale and i took it as a sign to get them. they were bought over a month ago, but it’s the first time they’ve been on this blog, so let’s just pretend i’m super fashionable and on time with trends, ok? right, awesome.
aside from fashionable rantings, i have an essay to start today and i really don’t want to do it. maybe that’s why this post is longer than usual. help. distractions. bleugh.

ps. check my new ebay items, i spent hours in which my brain dissolved listing them yesterday, so take a few things off my hands please! click here. go go go.

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