today: too much sugar and a cold outing

the sad face is because i have to leave the house in a moment and it’s freezing.
blouse: zara / pleated leather skirt: H&M / suspender tights: henry holland for PP / lipstick: MAC craving

here’s some webcam photos because i don’t have time to take proper ones on my camera (well, that and they’re always rubbish anyways)
i’m off to the bf’s house this weekend and i’ve made him marshmallow cupcakes. they’re basically vanilla sponge with melted marshmallow in the middle, with vanilla frosting and mini marshmallows mixed together. this means i’ve ate my body weight in cake mix and i now don’t want anything sweet ever again haha.
my dad got my watch fitted with a new battery so now i have my trusty vivienne westwood back on my skinny little wrists. his watch falling down to my elbows every time i moved was getting a little annoying.

i need to go and get my things ready so i hope you’s all have a lovely weekend wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!