today: a trip to the lake district

hello! if you follow me on twitter, you would have seen me mostly complaining about the lack of 3G on the way to the lake district the other weekend. i went with the bf to go and visit his aunt and uncle, staying in a B&B in windermere. the B&B itself was really lovely, but i don’t think i’m a country kind of person. though, i will say that windemere has the best indian takeaway and an amaaazing seafood restaurant, seriously one of the nicest meals i have ever had. mmm.

anyways, we did the usual walking around thing (see evidence above, typically i wasn’t wearing anything waterproof. wedge trainers, c’monnn) and there’s some amazing houses that i was oh so jealous of. the place itself is very pretty and i can imagine it’d be beautiful in the summer! i wish it had of been vaguely sunny when i went as the photos would have been a bit brighter. credit to the bf for the ones above though, he takes far better photos than me so just hand my camera over to him whenever we go anywhere.

moving back to this week and i only have one day of my placement left before the easter weekend. i honestly don’t mind working here, despite the early mornings, so i’m not gonna be all ‘yayy’ because its ended (which can only be a good thing). after feeling rubbish at the start of the week, i think i’m an official breakfast convert as i have found the holy grail which is cinnamon porridge. i will stop being so boring in my posts soon, but i’m just either busy or stressed thinking about final year projects! i really don’t want to grow up and get a real job, but i’m going to have to shortly and the thought terrifies me! oh well, i suppose it has to happen eventually. eep.

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ps. make sure take a peek at jess’s amazing outfits over at velvet daisy, she styles things so well!

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