today: two outfits and coloured jeans

jeans: zara / jumper: H&M / belt: primark / leather blazer: vintage / shoes: ebay / bag: celine

hello! this was going to be two separate posts, but i felt like i had worn similar outfits recently so decided to put them together.
the first outfit was worn on monday when i went to the fenwicks sale preview night in newcastle. it was far too hot to actually keep the leather blazer on though! the mulberry section of the store was practically cleaned out in less than 30 minutes, which was kinda annoying as i wanted to look at the purses. people were picking up three or four bags each which i think was a bit unnecessary as they clearly weren’t going to spend £2k+ on all of them! i wandered around the store a bit more and fell in love with a burberry trench coat and a pair of shoes from kurt geiger.
after i was finished at about 7pm, i met up with the boy to go to a restaurant. i had potato skins, bolognese pizza and one of my favourite drinks which is an amaretto sour. mmm.

jumper and jeans: topshop / shoes: boohoo / leather jacket: karen millen / bag: D&G

i wore this yesterday to go and meet a friend who i hadn’t seen in ages. she had her final exams to do then went to dubai on holiday so it’s been well over a month! we went to nandos and the cinemas to see ‘the pact’ which was the biggest pile of bollocks i’ve ever seen! it was awful, and not even scary awful, just a waste of 90minutes! don’t bother seeing it. afterwards i went to the boys house to watch an episode of games of thrones and then went home. i spent the rest of the night obsessing over the chloe susanna boots, i love them so so much.
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