TODAY: Typical

duster coat: H&M | jumper: H&M | jeans: zara | trainers: new balance | sunglasses: marc by marc jacobs*

Apologies for basically wearing the same outfit as in my last style post, but this is literally my typical outfit at the moment (despite it being summer). I’m so grateful for duster coats being ‘in’ right now, as they’re the easiest things in the world to throw on. Similarly with trainers, though I’d wear them whether they’re popular or not because comfy. Promise my next outfits will be a bit more, err, exciting? I’ve got some nice ones planned, anyway, so fingers crossed they turn out nicely!

I actually haven’t got much to say to be honest! I’ve had a few days of snapping beauty photos, organising posts and reading blogs which has been lovely. I’d picked up a few things online, yet everything I’ve ordered seems to have either been too big or not arrived at all (see my rants on twitter yesterday for that one!), booo. I’m back at my internship today and tomorrow, then I’ll be doing my weekly bake at the weekend! I’m thinking doughnuts stuffed with nutella, vanilla creme and caramel, so we’ll see how that turns out!

 Make sure you check out my Dahlia coat giveaway – it ends on Sunday! Oh and check out Maisy Meow too!

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