today: vintage boots, sunglasses and an outfit

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1. todays outfit, topshop jeans and shirt. 2. new vintage carvela boots from ebay (£16) 3 & 4. new sunglasses, black chanel with white bow, tortoiseshell gucci with gold accents and black prada with silver accent.

today, i was supposed to go to london with sharon while she sorted out her visa at the embassy. she decided she didn’t want to drive and i didn’t feel like paying a fortune to sit on a horrible coach or a train to then have to find my way around london by myself for the duration of her interview, which was approx an hour and a half (as i was just going to sleep if she had brought her car)
so, instead i am having a boring day in the house. i need to go to the post office, but i can’t seem to summon the energy and sort out the tops side of my wardrobe as it is getting ridiculous. i might just play on my new xbox game instead…