today: vintage silk tshirt and big hair

i can definitely vouch for that kiehl’s shampoo i bought yesterday, my hair feels so much thicker and has lots more volume. i’ll see how i feel about it after i’ve used it a few more times. it does need cutting though, since i started growing it a year and a half ago, hairdressers are not my favourite people.
i haven’t really done too much today as i didn’t make any plans, so i’ve just sat around on my laptop and read some of my book. decided to put on my vintage jungle print top that i got from manchester the other day with black jeans and a vintage tan belt.
i’m not one of those people who puts on makeup to sit in the house (hence a lack of my face) and plus, my skin is going mental at the moment for some reason. i’m not very happy with it. i’m thinking (and have been for a while) about investing in a clarisonic, it’s just the price of it that’s really putting me off. if i can get a cheap(er) one off ebay then i might consider it. my skin needs an intervention!