today: wedge trainers, nails and exams

jumper and jeans: topshop / leather jacket: religion / wedge trainers: ebay (here) / watch: michael kors / bag: chanel 
today, i’ve had the first of six exams and i think it went well. public affairs is tomorrow and i am absolutely dreading it as i feel like i don’t know anything. no matter how many times i read it, it just doesn’t seem to sink in. if it all goes wrong at least i can resit at the lovely cost of £46 a time. fantastic.
anyways, these trainers arrived the other day and at first i was a little unsure but now i definitely love them! they’re so comfortable. oh, and i know i wear this leather jacket all the time, but it’s my favourite go to item at the moment. same with the chanel, though i think that’s because i couldn’t be bothered to switch bags this morning as i was running late!

today’s nails are rimmel’s sky high with rimmel’s disco ball over the top. i can’t physically stop with the glitter!

this is my life until next wednesday. so much revision for public affairs and media law. strawberry pocky will have to help me through it!

hope you’s are all having a good monday!