today: wedges, wide leg trousers and too spicy food

taken inside a coffee place, ignore the hideous lighting/my face
despite getting them ages ago, it’s the first time i’ve worn these trousers
dark circles as per
natural light always makes me look really ginger on camera…
blurry photo of my nail polish, it’s nails inc
authentic moschino belt that i found in a charity shop for £3
plus my moschino bag which is falling apart, i had to knot the strap so it didn’t break today
vivienne westwood boots
and my face in glasses, which is rare these days. my eyelashes are too long and hits the lenses and i find it quite irritating, so i only wear them when my contacts hurt
today, i went to meet jina, sharon and shazzie in town for nandos as shazzie didn’t get to come to the japanese place on saturday. i ate more than i should of as usual and now i feel massively full yet insanly thirsty off making everything too spicy.

sorry for the rubbish pictures, but unfortunately i don’t have anyone to take them for me so i’ve got to try and angle my little digital camera. hence so many pathetic face shots…

just ordered myself these wedges, after seeing them in some cheap place for £14.99 on ebay. i know the quality won’t be up to much but i really do like the shape. 
i need to get up early(ish) for uni tomorrow to catch up on something i missed, might drag myself to the gym while i’m there as i need to start going again saying that my nightmare essays have been completed. sleep time for me i think