TODAY: What’s Your Latest Addiction?

from the top: Next (sale), Mango and Paul Green (via shoeaholics) // ASOS have some amazing ones in at the moment!

For me, it’s pointed loafers. Throw some chains on ’em, make them black and white, add some details, just make them ever so slightly different from the next pair and I will buy them. I’m fully blaming Celine for this, as they make the most beautiful menswear style shoes that tiptoe near the line of feminine/boyish and overtly masculine. I personally adore the mix of two genders when it comes to dressing. You can give me a soft silk shirt with a mens coat and loafers and dainty jewellery to finish it off any day. Or the classic (well, it is now) trainers mixed with pretty much anything that’s as far away from typical sportswear as you can get.

This leads me to the current state of my shoe collection. I was sorting through it for my blog sale the other day and realised that out of my 12 pairs of flat shoes, 9 of them are a) pointed and b) loafers. All different, of course, but as I’ve been collecting months now, curating them down and really working on a concise way to show my style through footwear, I’ve realised I have a straight up addiction. Maybe it’s just been boiling down to this point (badumtshh) and they’re a true reflection of my ideal fashion sense, or maybe I’m going through a phase. But, this seems to have sneaked up on me and I honestly think I’m ok with it, as poncey at this whole article is, it’s nice to find a style that feels completely ‘me’.

So, I’d like to know from you: what’s your current addiction? What are you collecting without even realising? OR what would you like to own more of? Answers in the comments please.

Helen x
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