today: white and black

jacket, jumper, jeans: topshop | boots and bag : zara | scarf: ASOS  | necklace: primark  | watch: MK (will edit with links soon!)

back with a standard lovecatsinc post today. less ranting, more outfits. i wore this a little while ago to go stay at my sisters house, so it’s nothing special (not like any of my outfits are, but you know).  pizza and really rubbish horror films are compulsory whenever i stay, as we tend to laugh all the way through them when her kids have gone to bed. she has this amazing talent of picking the biggest pile of rubbish to watch, if it was an olymic sport she’d most certainly win.
speaking of horror films, i asked the bf if i could stay in his house today when he went to work so i could take full advantage of his lovefilm account. there’s an entire foreign horror section on there that we never get to watch because he’s really not into them aka. he’s too scared. i, on the otherhand, am always devastated when he flicks past all of those awesome korean horrors, that may actually have the potential to be scary, and we watch something mediocre instead. sigh. anyways, that’s probably what i’m going to do today: watch loadsa scary films. it’s either that or honey boo boo, which some may argue is equally as terrifying.
i honestly don’t have that much to report as i’ve had quite a quiet week. i have to go pick up my results from two modules next week and i’m vaguely terrified so have been putting it off. people i know have either done really good or really bad, so i think i might have fallen into the latter category simply because i really don’t like working with video other than doing youtube (which i am going to continue to do, i’ve just had a contemplating two weeks, that’s all). i’ve got a feeling i’m going to have a busy weekend, as i have my camera back now and i have so much stuff to catch up on, both personally and for brands. so you’ll have to keep checking back for some lovely things and maybe even some discounts.

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