TODAY: White and Blue

jacket: zara | jeans: topshop | jumper: topshop | bag: D&G | boots: chloe | necklace: H&M
 (will add links later on this evening!)

Hello! Bit of a late post for me, but I decided to venture outside today (and by that I mean further than my backgarden) to take some outfit snaps. Now, as someone who isn’t used to doing this, you’ll have to forgive the weird lighting and everything else until I fully figure everything out. It’s a learning process after all, right? Plus I have my totally non-camera savvy mother taking the snaps so it’s not an ideal set up (but thanks mum for taking them!). Oh and I hate the wind. The wind is the devil.

Anyway, I’ll keep this rather short as I have to get ready (for the second time today) to go for a meal with work this evening. The oh so lovely Hanis is leaving shortly, so we’re having a bit of a farewell get together before she disappears off to Malaysia/Brunei to get married.  Her and her fiance make the cutest couple in the world and I honestly wish them the best of luck. I’ll be squishing her every day until she leaves as I’ll miss her and our lengthy conversations about American TV shows. Who’ll recommend things to me now? Booo.

 Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! I’ll be having a massive blogging day tomorrow, so if there’s any posts you want me to see, do let me know in the comments!

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