TODAY: White Dresses and Flowers

dress: ASOS | bag: michael kors (similar) | boots: acne | hat: ASOS | watch: michael kors (similar) 

Yes, an outfit post. It’s been a while, I know, but my main photographer (hey mum) was away on holiday for a week and the weather was positively miserable. Between the rain and me having plans, every attempt to take some snaps was shot down. But now I’m back, yet still looking like a mardy cow in the first photo, so hopefully outfit photos will return to being a regular thing once more.

As for the outfit itself, I do believe I look like a girl in these photos! I know I’m a self confessed jeans addict, but my new found love for slouchy (oh so comfortable) boyfriend styles means that the girly side of me has been officially shoved to one side recently. So, as the weather was sunny, I decided to get my new dress out as a) it’s beautiful and b) I find it to be oddly flattering despite being so huge. White clothing is high on my list of priorities right now, so expect to be seeing this dress a lot over the summer.

Anyway, this weekend I’ve just been at my boyfriends house and today I’m getting serious with the job hunt, doing some blog admin and finishing up some posts!

Oh, have you entered my £250+ beauty giveaway yet?

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