today: yellow and new trainers

jumper: zara, similar here | jeans: topshop, here | trainers: new balance 410’s, here | bag: chanel | watch: michael kors MK5128, here

hello! new balance trainers are the best things that have graced my closet in a long time. so ridiculously comfortable and make me feel like i’m channeling my inner caroline/josie. added bonus: the bf bought me them for me, as i wanted them for so long but just couldn’t part with the cash, so i’m extra pleased.
anyways, today is the last day of working before i have to hand in resubmitted uni work. i can’t wait to get it over with, so i can just pass and forget about the whole university experience. i’m sure a lot of you had a great time at uni, but on reflection i feel like i’ve learned absolutely nothing that even comes close to justifying the cost, hence sort of giving up in 3rd year. the teaching was average (some lecturers were brilliant, others were sub-standard), the actual lessons were mostly unnecessary (or not enough, especially when it came to magazine design) and i’ve genuinely gained more skills through this blog and outside of uni than i have done in it. i’m not saying don’t to go university, just think carefully about what you want to do and whether the skills you need can be obtained without the debt! you can tell i’m in a positive mood today.

…knowing my luck i’ll probably not pass now, haha.

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