today: yellow and white

dress: dahlia* here | jacket: topshop, here | bag: D&G | boots: primark, similar here | watch: MK, here | nails: topshop collegiate | lipstick: lipstick queen bright rose sinner, here

hello! you wouldn’t think a tan the equivalent of a week in the sun is gracing my legs right now, but it is i promise. the dodgy patches on my fingers and currently smelling of biscuits are both proof.

onto the outfit, how pretty is this dahlia dress? it’s perfectly girly and flouncy yet slaps you in the face with the neon yellow, which – to me – is the perfect combination. naturally it had to be teamed with black as we can’t be too girly now can we. the jeans side of my wardrobe would be too upset for that. i do love the colour though, it’s so beautiful (and hard to photograph as it’s rather bright).
after checking their new in section, i’m in love with this dress which is complete and utter perfection, i literally can’t stop obsessing over it.

talking of neon shades, i’d like to share my disappointment with you all. it’s no secret that bags are a small obsession of mine and any time i hear the word ‘sale’, it’s the first section i check. so, when the selfiridges sale came to my attention, i was aaaall owa it. not one for being shy of bright colours, this lovely thing caught my eye and it was love at first sight. just look at it, good lawd. on my ipad, it stated it was in stock so, after debating about going halfers with my parents as a birthday/graduation present, i went to click order yet i couldn’t. it was actually sold out. cue a materialistic brat strop for five minutes before i managed to get a grip of myself. don’t you bloomin’ hate it when that happens? when you find the most perfect thing ever which is actually attainable, yet you can’t have it. 

now, i’m after a michael kors bag after seeing them in fenwicks today (i gestured towards the £1.5k mulberry i adore which was met with raised eyebrows. hey, i tried). thinking about the black selma tote, but just can’t quite decide. someone pick for me!

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