today’s nail: disco tiger

base coat & top coat: seche vite / glitter gold: OPI bring on the bling / black: barry m black

as i’m going as a tiger for halloween on saturday, i thought it was only appropriate to do a bit of nail art for it. as seche vite top & base coat work so well, i knew i could paint them today and still have them chip free for the night out. god bless good nail polish! i am completely obsessed with bring on the bling, it’s amazing even if it does take about 20minutes to take off!
my webcam pictures makes the lines look a bit blurry but they’re quite sharp and solid black, done with a nail art brush from a super cheap set i got off ebay for about £4. i think it turned out alright and should go amazing with my gold glitter paint pot from MAC and lots of eyeliner. so excited!