today’s nails: japanese cherry blossoms

decided to try out cherry blossom nails today as i have been meaning to do so for a while. i used all nails inc nailpolish, but any colours can be used. it’s pretty simple to do, for a first attempt i think i did ok but i’d try a lot harder next time as some nails are a bit messy. plus, my right hand was so hard to do when i was trying to control a brush with my left hand!
the below video is where i got my inspiration from, obviously hers are far neater than mine. but, if you’re into nail art, you should definitely click onto her other videos are they are very good.

also, i haven’t really been posting many ‘personal’ blogs. i haven’t been feeling 100% recently and just haven’t felt the urge to get ready and snap some photos when i really just want to curl up on the sofa. i’ll snap out of it soon