today’s nails / today: lavender and gold

nails inc charlotte mews is the purple shade, rimmel sky high is the aqua and rimmel’s disco ball is over the top of the lot. i really love this glitter as it’s quite cool toned and goes with mint, blue and purple shades really well.
my michael kors watch arrived today! i had to get my dad to take three links out of it because of my pathetic wrists. i’ll take some proper photos of it another day. anyways, despite the face being so huge, i don’t think it looks too over the top when it’s on. aah, it’s new favourite thing!
anyways, today i had to drag myself into uni for two assessments which actually went ok (i think). i also had to hand in my essay which i wrote last night. i had four hours in between each test so i went into town with my sister for what can only be described as the worst panini i’ve ever had from caffe nero! it was awful. i made a few purchases in H&M including a rose gold thin collar necklace which i might be in love with.
tonight, i am going to watch more 24 as i am thoroughly addicted. hope you’s have all had a good day!