Too Faced Times Two: Skinnydip and Kat Von D



Well hello dear readers. If you're drawn in by cute, pink makeup then you've come to the right place! Too Faced has been bringing out some amazing collaborations and collections recently so I'm covering two in this post: the Too Faced x Kat Von D collection and the Too Faced x Skinnydip London collab.

Firstly, the Too Faced x Kat Von D collab made me very excited when it landed on my doorstep. I've really come to love both brands over the past year or so, so a mix of Kat's uber goth vibes vs TF's often sickly sweet aesthetic was an interesting combination to me. It's worked quite well, too, with two excellent sets in this 'Better Together' collection.

The Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection (above, all full-size) includes 6 Too Faced shadows, 6 Kat Von D shadows plus a Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (which I love) and a Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner. Now, if you're thinking the palette looks a bit clunky - fear not - you can snap them apart, as they're just held together by a magnet which makes it uber makeup-bag friendly. I love the choice of shades as they both go together and work separately to give you a huge range of looks! The mascara and eyeliner just finish off this set - they're both amazing products!

Next (left) is the Better Together Cheek & Lip Makeup Bag Set. It contains cute deluxe-mini products in a pouch which would make a sweet lil' gift. There's the Too Faced Deluxe Candlelight Glow Highlighter in Rosy Glow, the Too Faced Deluxe Love Flush Blush, the Kat Von D Deluxe Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in new shade XO and the Kat Von D Deluxe Studded Kiss Lipstick in shade Muse. I was oh so excited to see XO in there, as it was the shade that had 'NEED' written all over it when I saw the new releases for 2017. Who doesn't love a perfect dark red?



Another release is the Too Faced x Skinnydip Love, Lashes and Chocolate set. I've been a little bit late on this one as it's a limited edition and only available for a set number of days on the Too Faced website, however, it's still on the site. So, I'm gonna show you before it sells out completely!

I mean, how pretty is the makeup bag? I love how it's decorated with the little dog, bows, hearts and illustrations of the makeup from the Too Faced range. It's a really good size too, so you can fit a lot of makeup in it!

Anyway, with this set you got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette, a full-size Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, a mini Too Faced Love Flush Blush and a mini Too Faced Melted Chocolate Lipstick. I've been meaning to try the palette for such a long time now but never got round to getting it, so I'm really looking forward to giving it a try as it's got some amazing staple shades and really does smell like chocolate!

I should have included the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection in here too as I got a couple of the glosses. Despite glosses not being my thing, I do quite like them. They smell very sweet, so if strong scents aren't your thing then I'd give 'em a miss, but they're in such cute packaging and worth checking out I think! There's a big range of colours, from pale nude-peach to pink-peach, so there's definitely something for everyone!

Will you be picking up any of these new releases?