Top 6 Halloween-Related Food Superstitions People Have

While you carefully carve that pumpkin and put all your love into those neatly-wrapped candy bars, placing them gently inside those plastic tins, you must take out a few moments this Halloween and think about some very creepy food-related superstitions we have all had for a long time, some specifically related to this occasion.

While getting into the right attire on Halloween might not be a very difficult task as you can seek help of various tips, including these Heidi Klum’s greatest Halloween costumes; when it comes to food, you must let go of these superstitions for good, and eat (or don’t eat) whatever you like (or don’t like)! On a side note, here’s how much an average American spends on Halloween!

Garlic shoos away the vampires
At one point of time people used to wear garlic just to ward off vampires and their friends! What more, anyone suspected of being a vampire had to eat many pods of this herb, just to prove his/her innocence! Not just that, people used to stuff garlic into every open space of a dead body, to leave no chance of that dead person transforming into a bloodsucker later! So much garlic put to waste!

Devil and eggs go hand-in-hand
Well, all people who think devilled eggs are called so because of excess mayo in them, are wrong! People believe that devil is constantly hunting for hard-boiled eggs, seemingly because hell smells a lot like sulphur and so do the boiled egg yolks. So if one doesn’t crack the egg shell’s bottom first, letting the devil escape, he/she would be eating Lucifer with his/her favourite meal!

Witches and eggs also go hand-in-hand
Talking about eggs, were you aware that witches make use of egg shells to build big storm-causing warships?! Hence, make sure that you always get rid of those tiny shell pieces, else the witches might take them away and cause another storm!

Bread is a sign of death
Ever sliced into a hot and freshly baked loaf of bread, and discovered a big hole right in the middle, created because of an air pocket? Nopes, that’s not where you put a big nice block of cheese! This empty space indicates that your home might be soon visited by death. That actually was a common belief among people!

Cutting noodles is considered bad
Well, who doesn’t enjoy those big bowls of noodles, and making those noisy and slurpy sounds while having them! Chinese believe that making and eating long noodles is an indicator of long life. Putting it another way, if you were wary of dropping some broth on your neat white shirt, and choose to cut the noodles into small pieces, there’s a high chance that a piano might drop on your head, killing you the very same night!

Never gift parsley to anyone
Well, it’s common knowledge that parsley plant is believed to be one of the best gifts to carry to someone’s house warming party. Unfortunately, that’s not what our ancestors used to think. They were of the opinion that parsley brings very bad luck, often resulting in serious misfortune and death to the person or household it is gifted to. Yeah, go slow on handing out those parsley bunches to everyone! Just kidding!