My Top Tips on Buying Glasses Online


I think I got my first pair of glasses when I was around seven years old – yup, blind as a bat from a young age. Since then I’ve went through a whole host of flattering and not so flattering looks until I’ve finally settled on the shapes that suit me the most. I thought I would share my top tips when it comes to buying new glasses, specifically online, and include a little video on how I choose a new pair when I need ’em. Hope you find it helpful!

One: Get Your Prescription | Of course you need your latest prescription to order any glasses, so make sure you pop down to your opticians to get it. They’ll probably try and persuade you to stay with them and buy glasses, like mine always do, but they have to give you your prescription when asked so ask away!

Two: Have a Good Ol’ Browse and Try On | There’s so many sites, like Vision Direct, that sell contacts, glasses etc so make sure you have a browse of the sites to see what brands or styles they sell. If you haven’t tried any glasses on at an opticians, see if you can try one of those virtual try-ons and see what styles suit you the most by uploading a pic.

Three: Get Ordering | The thing with buying online is that you can always order more and return them. I’ve done it plenty of times in the past and it’s totally fine. So, if you decide a style doesn’t quite suit you or the prescription isn’t quite right, you can always send them back. I do think it’s always good to have a backup pair though, hence why I’ve got two, and the prices online can be super reasonable depending on what you’re after so pick up an extra pair if you can!

Helen x
*Post in collaboration with Vision Direct