TRAVEL: My Top Five Destinations

I wish I was going on holiday this year, but instead I’m feeling all wanderlust from the comfort of my sofa instead of relaxing on a beach (unfortunately). I quite like long haul flights and travelling to quite far away places as they always seem to have the biggest changes in culture. So let’s get on with the list shall we…

New York | I’ve always wanted to do the whole big apple thing. Everything from the food to the shopping looks amazing and I’m dying to have some proper New York pizza. I’m not sure if I’d be a tourist about it and view all of the typical sites, as I think I’d rather look for some more unique places!

Malaysia | I used to work with someone who was Malaysian and I wish I could go visit her! She made me the best food ever one time so I think I need to go experience more of it, but surrounded by the culture this time. Malaysia looks pretty beautiful too, so it would be amazing to see!

Thailand | I went to Thailand when I was about 14-15 and think I was a little too young to appreciate it fully. I really want to go to some different places such as Phuket and maybe back to Bangkok because I had the best pizza of my life in one of the restaurants and pizza rules my life sooo. It’s a wonderful place with amazing people, so I definitely need to revisit it again.

Bali | Bali is my number one destination right now as I desperately want to go and sit on a beach! I keep seeing photos on instagram and on blogs and the place looks absolutely stunning! I’m craving a warm, tropical holiday

Australia | Part of my wants to pack my bags and live the surfer life on the Gold Coast, but I’m not sure I could even surf so maybe I’ll just visit instead. There’s something really appealing about the chilled Australian lifestyle and I’d love to experience it at some point (spiders and sharks aside)

Helen x
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