Travel: The Best Food

rome 2

I don’t know about you, but I always pick where I’m going on holiday based on the food. I couldn’t image going anywhere where I hadn’t looking up the local cuisine or picked out dishes that I’d want to try before booking a flight. Food is so important to me (in general haha) when I’m away as it can literally make or break on a holiday for me – is that weird?

Anyway, in this post (mostly because I 100% need to go away somewhere ASAP) I’m discussing the best food I’ve ever had in a different country and, of course, it had to be Italian.

I went to Rome with my boyfriend and his work colleagues, as he was there on business so I tagged along there’s no way in hell I was missing a cheap trip to Italy… The food was amazing as you can imagine. Everything from the cheap cafes to the expensive looking restaurants, everything tasted delicious.

The best thing I had was a meal that was big enough for two, but I most definitely could have had it all to myself. My boyfriend and I shared a whole lobster with tomato and garlic pasta. It sounds so, so simple but the pasta actually tasted nice (not bland like it does here), the tomatoes were amazing and the lobster (sounds super decadent, but this stuff is so common abroad!) was delicious. It wasn’t going to win a prize for originality or presentation, but my god was it amazing. Hands down the best meal I’ve ever eaten!

I wish I could remember what the restaurant was called or there was a little restaurant map (like this one for Dubai) so any of you visiting Italy could go. I desperately want to go back, it’s the most amazing city and I wish I had more time to explore!

What was your favourite meal on holiday?

Helen x

*collaborated post