Travel Wishlist for 2018



Since coming back from Marbella, I've been thinking about the places I'd like to visit next year. There's so many destinations I'm dying to go to, but I thought I'd list my top five!



I'd went to Thailand when I was about 15 with my parents and I was firmly in my rebellious arguing-with-everyone teenage stage to was a little nightmare the entire time I was there. Plus, I think due to my age, I didn't fully appreciate the beauty of the country until thinking about it years later. I went to Koh Samui and Bangkok but I think I'd like to go to other islands and really explore the place some more. I've come to totally adore Thai food (this list has made me excited about the food!) as I've got older too, so I'd love to do something like Thai cooking class while I was out there!



Yes, I'm leaving this one vague because I am fully obsessed with Italy so any destination would be appreciated. I totally fell in love with the place when I went to Venice, I think. I'm dying to go to the Amalfi Coast and Milan, or maybe Sicily (maybe getting one of these beautiful holiday villas?) and I would love to go back to Rome. I first when a few years back with Phil, but he was on a business trip so I couldn't quite enjoy the city as much as I wanted to! There's just something about Italy that I completely adore, I don't know if it's the people, the food, the weather, the architecture or a combination of it all, but I can't seem to get enough!


Again, this is very vague but I've never been to America so I never know where to start! I think most people suggest New York or LA which are places I'd like to visit, but I'm also keen to go to places like Vermont and Boston during Autumn as they seem to have that season down. I also want to go for the food as it seems like my kinda thang. Fries with everything, pls.



This is a bit of a stretch and I don't think I'll go next year, but I have been dying to visit Japan since I was about 15 years old. I started watching anime around that time (I'm still a huge j-drama fan now and watch it regularly) and love Japanese culture so much, so I think I would really enjoy visiting the country! It's my ultimate bucket list destination, so I'll get saving my pennies now!


The UK

As silly as it sounds, I've only ever been to Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh and London in the UK. I really want to visit more places, from York to Devon and everywhere in between - I need to book some train tickets asap I think!


Photo from the lovely Katy