treat: early birthday present

remember a little while ago i said i wanted these boots?
well, this arrived for me this morning
and i got them!!
i know i’ve seen it before, but even the tissue paper is beautiful…
the leather already looks a little worn in, which is lovely and the suede is SO unbelievably soft
and the logo down the back, which my leather ones don’t have
my only issue is that the spine down the back is really thick leather, so it’s a lot harder to slouch the boots down, which is the way i like to wear them. i also need to put a couple of extra holes in the straps, as they are quite tight to the leg, again making it harder to slouch.
i suppose with wear, the leather will soften and i will be able to push them down. i’m certain it will as these two seem to have made it work:

sienna miller’s boots are the perfect amount of slouchyness (is that even a word?) that i prefer.
i got them as a birthday present off my parents and i’m really happy with them. i’ve been meaning to get them for about 8 months now but just never got round to doing it. thanks mum and dad!