trends: spring/summer 2013

hello! i’m sure there are a billion of these kicking around (plus we’ve all seen the catwalk shows waaay back in winter) but i thought i’d throw in my two cents on what’s instore for spring/summer 2013. this is, after all a fashion blog and apart from me going oooh look, new shoes! i do quite enjoy the topic of fashion. on with the trends!

first up is a 60’s influence: i love the 60’s. if i could have have been a teenager in a particular era, it would have been that one. fashion wise i think it’s fantastic, i love the shift from the feminine 50’s into slightly less figure hugging outfits, in bold colour blocking with a huge focus on the eyes and brows. my favourite trend, i think!

iridescent materials: now, we’re not talking about resembling a mermaid or a five year old here. it’s more the subtle incorporation of a slightly more shimmery material to give extra depth and interest to an outfit. you can always go for a bag or a belt, as being understated is key to not looking like a giant disco ball.

next is monochrome: this sort of goes hand in hand with the 60’s trend, i think, but i do love a good black and white outfit. i shall certainly be cracking out my white jeans and pairing them with a thin black jumper and lots of jewellery come spring. til then i play the waiting game *rubs hand together*.

sporty neon: i know the sportswear trend rolls round every spring, but i’m always enthusiastic about it every spring/summer. i’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair of skinny grey joggers and am determined to match them with a black leather jacket and neon nails.

next we have all white outfits: i’m ridiculously into white at the moment, even though it makes me look like some sort of ghost with my oh so pale skin. i have my heart set on owning a white leather bag for spring, i just need to find one that i love (i already know it really, it’s by alexander wang and i can’t afford it. woe is me).

finally we have florals: another trend that rears its head every year, but i’m really hoping the high street takes a more arty direction with it this year. instead of either soft, girly florals or high impact, bright prints, i would love to see floral accents rather than an all out visual assault. they look lovely when incorporated into other patterns, so we’ll have to see what the likes of topshop etc chuck out this year.

floral dress (here) | nail polish (here) | orange skirt (here) | fluro dot skirt (here) | white jeans (here) | iridescent shoes (here) | white and black dress (here) | monochrome and fluro belt (here)

so, that’s my little round-up of trends for this spring/summer. i’m going to try my hardest to wear more things i wouldn’t usually wear, which for me is probably something other than jeans (they’re like a safety blanket, i swear). so, i shall definitely be on the lookout for the best summer dresses of 2013 and if you see any you think i’d like, please let me know!

what’s your favourite trend and what are you on the lookout for this summer?

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