The Type of Bloggers I Love


I’ve been thinking of writing this blog post for a while, but have only just now sat down to let my thoughts out on the type of bloggers I love. No doubt this will be a bit of an essay, but please do read it to the end if you’re a blogger as you’ll no doubt see yourself in it. And, if you do, know that I totally love you and what you do.

Having been a blogger for over four years now, I have come across all types of bloggers. From the genuine, beautiful people I talk to on a daily basis to the ones who are only here for the freebies (yes they exist, you can’t pretend they don’t). I’ve seen drama and bitching, I’ve seen unfounded love and support and above all else, I’ve seen this creative space transform itself from the thing you did on a weekend to a lucrative business, where women are putting themselves first in a field (for once) and absolutely smashing it in the process.

I love the bloggers that are un-apologetically themselves, the ones who refuse to back down from a valid argument because people deem it negative or disagree with their point. The ones who say what we’re all thinking and the ones who keep things light because sometimes we need that. I love the ones who share issues and politics and things that genuinely make a difference to our lives, because without them we would just be a group of people waffling on about lipstick with very little substance. The ones who speak up and use their influence to raise awareness should be held as an example to bloggers everywhere, because your voice matters and it will be heard.

I love the ones who support each other, but pick their support carefully because, although we may all be in the same field and are (mostly) women, we don’t have to give everyone our love because some people are just dicks. The ones who call you a ‘babe’ on your selfies because some days you really needed that. The ones who retweet your post that took you four hours to write and, even though you may not always say it, you thank them every time. I love the ones who are there (or have been there from the beginning) and ask if you’re ok, because even though you may not know them personally, knowing that someone actually cares about you in some capacity means a lot. Failing that, the ones who post cat gifs will always have my vote.

The bloggers who are trendsetters and individuals are also strongly loved. The ones who’s creative talent has me binge reading or watching their posts and videos. The ones who can apply makeup so perfectly it makes me intensely jealous but I can’t help but say ‘slaaaaay’ at my laptop screen. The ones who take perfect photos, write the most beautiful articles, the ones who are messy and raw but always true to themselves. I love the ones who show us the ultimate form of escapism but also the ones who relate to every day life, because we all need both a break and to be grounded sometimes.

The ones who have made a career out blogging or youtube, the ones who can actually afford the designer hauls every month because they have worked themselves to the bone 16 hours a day since going full time. They’re the ones who should be admired and praised for being positive, strong role models and evidence that hard work is the only thing that will get you to where you want to be, not insulted or asked where their priorities lie when they’ve bought their fifth bag of the year. What’s it to you anyway? You enjoy their content for free.

There’s space for everyone in the blogging world. There’s someone who will be your biggest cheerleader and there’s people who won’t like you and hey, guess what, that’s life and you’ll never, ever please everyone. Just know that you are appreciated, your creative talents have not gone unnoticed and you will always have your little space on the internet to be yourself. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the types of bloggers I love and I will do a post on ones that should win all of the awards for being excellent very soon – what ones do you love?

Helen x
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