Unexpected Red | Using Red in Interiors

Using red in your home

I've always found red to be quite a trendy colour in the past. I would go through moods and phases of loving it and being over it, but recently when it's reappeared (particularly in fashion), I've been more gravitated to it than usual and I do think it is here to stay.

Using red as an unexpected pop of colour takes a room from potentially flat to interesting without much effort. And it's just that - a pop. We're not talking full rooms of red - though if you love that, go off - but just a little something to add detail and depth to a space.

We're not talking about using red in a scheme where it's placed in multiple locations here, but as a colour you were not necessarily expecting to see. A one off. Something that catches your eye.

There's something very unique about red that I think other colours can fall short of. It can be bold tone, or warm, or subtle and soft, but the end result is still the same - it offers unparalleled impact.


how to use red in interiors red dining chairs ideas 1

Credit: moodauthors

Love the tiny amount of red used in the artwork below. It's noticeable but not distracting to the eye.

Credit: Jonathan Sheffer

Using red in interiors artwork ideas art

How to add the colour red to your home

We're aiming for a pop, a little nod, something that pulls a room together but also creates a focus point. I do think it can be achieved through pretty much any item in the home - big or small - but it would be up to you to choose how much of a point you want to make.

Being subtle

If you're just dipping your toe in the water, using red on something smaller would be the way to go. You could opt for a piece of art - or even just the frame - to brighten up your walls if they're plan. A table lamp on a sideboard or table would look amazing either with a red base or red trim on the shade. Adding in a piece of pottery or a tray on a coffee table could also be a good idea. If you wanted to opt for soft furnishings, you could go for a throw pillow or adding red (a stripe would be amazing) seat cushions to your diningroom chairs.

Going bold

If you want to make red more of a 'thing' in the room, then you could opt for something a bit bigger. I adore red painted diningroom chairs - think glossy Carimate chairs by by Vico Magistretti (my dream chairs) - or just painting the end chairs would be great too. Speaking of paint, how about painting a full door in red? If you're keeping the rest of your interiors quite calm, this big section of colour would look amazing. Or you could paint a kitchen island or all of your lower cabinets.

Using red in interiors red doors
how to use red in interiors red doors

Credit: inigo.house

how to use red in interiors kitchen cabinets paint

Credit: sss_edit

Using red in interiors red doors 2

Credit: bryangreybill

Blue and red always go together so well, especially when using different tones of blue. I love the bolder red floor and the artwork. It's a lot of colour, but it doesn't seem like 'too much'. It's such a well rounded space!

Using red in interiors stripe wallpaper bold blue

Don't want something permanent?

If you would like to try the trend, but don't want to spend very much money, you can always try something temporary like flowers. Go for a bold, bright red flower like a tulip (if in season) or different tones of red within the same bouquet.

Will you be trying red in your home?

I hope this post inspired you to try a bit of red in your home. It really does add impact and a focal point to a room, and it's a trend I'll be including in my own home very soon. I'll be sure to share pics when I finish the rooms!

Thanks for reading, Helen x