Ways To Home Shop Without Breaking The Bank


Moving house is expensive. Even when you’re moving from one rented place to the next, getting all of those bits and pieces in that you never knew you needed can still amount to a pretty penny. Since I’ve shifted location recently and, fingers crossed, my next place will be permanent as we’re looking to buy, I thought I’d round up my top tips for decorating and shopping for your home on the cheap!

Basics | Make sure your basics are covered. By that I mean set aside £5o to get those boring things such as plates, cups, glasses and utensils. I always go for basic white and metal where I can, as I’m boring if I smash something it can be easily replaced. Wilkinsons, Tesco and Asda are great for these cheap options, as you can get plates for £2 and I think I got four tumblers for £1 before. Utensils are often £1 or £2 each and I believe I got a frying pan for around £6 – cheap as chips!

Ikea Is Your Friend | I think I can speak for everyone when I say I love Ikea. Aside from its cheaper options, it also has some amazing furniture that can last you years and year. Before taking the plunge with a big bed or storage unit, make sure you measure up and make sure it’ll fit. Do you definitely need it? Will you be able to take it to a new place later? Ask yourself lots of questions before buying something big. Oh and run an Experian Credit Report if you’re thinking of getting anything on credit!

Spend a Little More Here and There | There’s some things I always like to spend a bit more cash on as I know they’ll last. I bought my first set of towels from M&S and nearly died at paying £25 each for them, but they lasted a whopping five years and washed perfectly every time. I took advantage of their latest 20% off deal and picked up a new set for my boyfriend and I and I know they’ll last a good few years, so are a worthwhile investment. I try to spend a bit more on bedding too, as I bloomin’ love my bed so it’s nice to be cosy!

Prints and Decorations | Such a cheap way to inject some personality into an otherwise boring (I’m assuming, rented apartments = cream walls) abode. Get yourself to the likes of H&M home or Primark for cheap and on-trend decorations, grab some throw cushions from there too and some prints from Paperchase (try their postcards, only 69p!), Etsy or Society6. Washi tape is your friend if you can’t put holes in the wall too! You can use pieces you already have, too, such as pretty makeup storage, brushes or pretty perfume bottles!

Upcycle | Do you or your parents have any bits of furniture or decorations that don’t quite fit? You can still use ’em! Get yoself on pinterest and find yoself a tutorial. I’m going to be painting an old table we have white shortly, and spraying aaall of those little white Ikea plantpots rose gold, so may have to post about it if I do!

What are your best tips for kitting out a home on the cheap? 

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Helen x
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