The Wedding Guest Edit

Getting dressed for wedding season can be a bit of a task. I recently bought a dress thinking it was perfect for a wedding in July, but once I tried it on it was more ‘night out’ or ‘holiday in Ibiza’ than ‘respectable wedding guest’. Picking the right length, the right colours (I hate that you can’t always wear white!) and the right style is key, so I thought I would put together this little post to point you in the right direction.

D R E S S E S | Dresses always seem like the easiest option when it comes to dressing for a wedding, but finding the right one may be a chore. If it’s a Summer wedding or you know it’s probably going to be warm, picking something strapless or sleeveless might be a great option. I also love lighter, more fluttery materials as they’re often super flattering and much cooler in the hotter months. Length depends on your preference, but I’m personally loving midi lengths right now as there’s so many pretty ones in the shops.

J U M P S U I T | I love jumpsuits on other people, but haven’t found any that suit me yet. So, if you’re the other way round and often find dresses to be a problem, then maybe a jumpsuit would suit you to a tee! The great thing about them is that 9/10 you can wear them for a multitude of occasions so maybe try a bunch on to see if you can make them work for you for a wedding!

T O P S | If the above aren’t your cup of tea, then picking up a beautiful top made from floaty materials or with lace details can be just as beautiful. You can add a pair of trousers or a skirt that you already have to save some pennies, or pick up something new if not! The great thing is that you can totally customise the style, length and colour if you pick this option so it’s worth considering!

If you need anymore ideas, Coast have put together a guide for all things wedding on their site. I love their wedding guest dresses and outfits guide as it’s so helpful, but there’s plenty others to read too.

Helen x