Weekend Packing with Hawaiian Tropic


Protecting my skin has always been something I’m quite big on. I don’t know where it stems from my teen goth days (gotta have dat pale skin) or just being really, weirdly paranoid about sun damage (especially since my Roaccutane treatment), either way it’s a topic I’m quite passionate about and something I try to embrace in my every day life… Even if I’m in the UK with its temperamental weather.

Speaking of which, I’ve teamed up with Hawaiian Tropic (and more specifically the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration line) for a cute little stop-motion animation about packing for stay-cation here in good old England. I’m trying to pop down to London as often as I can (and may be this weekend too) so am always packing a few favourites in my big ol’ H&M tote to keep me going!

I always take a full makeup bag with me, even if I’m only going somewhere for the day, because I am that person who puts their makeup on on the train. Living in Newcastle and being almost 3hrs away means I have to leave super early and there is no way on earth that I’m getting up and putting a full face of slap on before I need to! Anyone with me on this? Anyway, I’ll let the video do the talking so you can see what I pack – starting with sunscreen first, of course, because even though it’s often cloudy, you still need to put some on! Enjoy x

Helen x