weekly inspiration: interiors

i have a huge thing for interiors, i am literally house obsessed. i’m one of those people who watch those sad day time tv shows about buying houses at auction and doing them up. or grand designs, do not get my started on grand designs. the jealousy that courses through my veins is indescribable. so i thought i’d post a few images of my favourite designs:

imagine waking up to that every morning. my god i would be SO happy. ahhh…

of course, any house with a giant wall of books would be good enough for me to move directly into in a heartbeat

i really love houses and apartments that are on two different levels when both are clearly visible. even though the above picture is off an ikea advert, i think it would be amazing to have my closet underneath my bed like that. it gives you so much more space.

the above image is taken from a hotel in koh samui, thailand. i’ve been to that island myself and it is absolutely beautiful. the water is that lovely turquoise colour and even though i hit the back end of monsoon season, even the rain was warm. i would go back there straight away if i was given the chance.

i like how little design details can really make a place individual. i think peoples homes are an extension of themselves. though having said that, my room is currently a mess, says a lot about me…

i have a definite thing for light, ever since i had these gigantic bay windows in my old flat nothing has compared since. i enjoy naturally waking up as i am the worst morning person.

all images from tumblr, if anyone knows who took the photos, then let me know!
as much as i love modern, clean living spaces i also totally adore a more quirky vintage style. when i get my own home i think i’ll have a mix of both, with simple designs but antique touches. well, i’ll do anything to go vintage shopping anyways so why not extend that from my wardrobe to my home. i’ve already planned rooms in my head. is that sad? probably. but like i said at the start, i am obsessed.

what style do you like?