weekly round up: good things and bad things

things i love:
– clothes: skater dresses, chelsea boots, leather anything, black skinny jeans, the colours yellow and grey
– beauty: kiehls lipbalm, MAC craving lipstick, brown smokey eyes, actually finding a colour to match my eyebrows
– general: not being outside when it’s raining, my cats, cheese and ham toasties, strawberry milkshake, anything rolo related but not actual rolo’s

blogs i love:
– beauty vlogger: gossmakeupartist, he buys 90% of his own products and gives extremely honest reviews on all things in the beauty and makeup world
– fashion bloggers: qqueen of hearts, i just think her personal style is very pretty and attainable, instead of just being all designer brands. & LLYMLRS, although her style is quite simple, i appreciate how things are put together.

things i don’t love:
waiting in for the DHL delivery guy! he turned up when i was in the middle of writing this, absolutely stinking of smoke and the woman sat in the van just stared at me, like not even looking away when i stared back. i’ve never been a ‘what you looking at?’ kind of person, but it was nearly called for!
– spending the last few weeks with sharon before she disappears off to america (though on the plus side, i get to go to chicago to visit her!)