weekly round up: likes and dislikes

things i like:
– that leather jacket i talked about in the last post, so glad i bought it when i did because it was sold out about 24 hours later. i’ll do a proper post on it with pictures but it is completely perfect. money well spent i think!
– the colours: grey, maroon, dark purple, forest green and navy.
– nivea hand cream. i’m obsessed with the stuff, i slather it on every night before bed and my hands are now extremely soft, plus i love the smell, it reminds me of my nana.

things i dislike:
– how uninspired i seem to be. i used to blog all the time about everything that caught my eye, but now i’m feeling a bit deflated. think i need some new blogs to follow and i’ll get my inspiration back!
– that fact that i can’t find a good red leather jacket. i was in love with the one caroline wears on her blog so set about hunting a similar one down. hers is from joseph and therefore probably unattainable, but every one i come across is either a genuine biker jacket (therefore too thick and bulky), whale size (i’m definitely not a 44″ chest!) or cropped (it needs to go to the top of my jeans!). the hunt continues…

blogs i like:
– stylesofia is not a bag blog, it varies between street style, product recommendations, what’s in their store and celebrity/model inspiration. a good mix!
jlovesmac is one of my favourite beauty vloggers. some people may find her a bit in your face but i think she’s hilarious and very honest. her reviews, tutorials and haul videos are good and her little puppy is adorable!