weekly round up: pet hates and loves

things i like:
– talking to people i used to go to school with about how other people have turned out. i know it sounds awful, i call it karma, but i like it when girls who thought they were marvelous turn out not too nice. too tan, too blonde and complete fashion victims.
– food and travel blogs. in the future i would love a job where i could travel, i’m obsessed with places like japan, vietnam, morocco and new york. and with lovely locations comes lovely food and i’m a big restaurant person.
– MAC pro refills. i recently bought three 15 shadow MAC palettes to sort my eyeshadow’s in to and i’m waiting for the magnets and additional eyeshadow’s that i’ve bought to arrive to put it all together. i have no idea where to begin but i’m sure i’ll figure it out when they get here.

things i dislike:
– i keep getting emails from people saying things like: ‘i’ve just started a fashion blog and need followers, so follow me’. no, no i won’t. i admire your enthusiasm and everything, but i don’t think it’s the right way to go about it. if i like your blog, i will follow it. i won’t comment on your posts first or write about you in a post. basically, i dislike bloggers that think you owe them something. if you follow my blog, i appreciate it more than you will ever know, but i’d like to think you’re doing it out of general interest than wanting something out of it. rant over

blogs i love:
– i know she’s listed in my daily reads section, but the shoe girl is a blog i come back to again and again. i think she’s really endearing and genuine. plus her shoe collection is uh-may-zing.
the time is grey is another favourite. the girl who runs it is adorable, her outfits are so sweet, definite inspiration source!