weekly roundup: likes and dislikes

things i love

– going back to the gym: being back at university means renewing my gym membership. i’m trying to go 3-4 times a week (1.5-2hrs per session) around my lessons and it’s working out well so far. well, apart from monday when i boycotted it in favour of eating pizza.
– chris brown: even though he’s a wife beater and all round horrible person, i have been obsessed with his album. paper, scissors, rock is my favourite.
– beauty: metallic nails by topshop, i’m going to do mine in silver this afternoon before i go out.

things i dislike

– people at the gym: since i started going back, there’s been a few new nominees for ‘twat of the year’. the latest candidate is a girl who decided to wear the shortest shorts i’ve ever seen and a cropped top. credit to her she had a amazing figure but there’s literally no need for such parading. no one was impressed. everyone was sweating buckets from doing a proper work out, whereas she did 5 minutes of light weights, followed by 10 minutes on the x trainer and left. i honestly don’t understand that type of person, if i’m at the gym i don’t leave until i am physically in pain. i wouldn’t waste my money on the membership otherwise…

blogs i love
– fashion: karlascloset, if you’re not reading karla’s lovely blog, then you’ve officially been living under a rock.
– photography: jakandjil, designer streetstyle 101, but still an extremely inspirational website. wish i had the money to buy the items that the people on it wear though!

on my to do list

– clothes: wear my new topshop coat constantly. it has the biggest fur collar and is completely beautiful.
– music: as i spend so much time in the gym per week i really need to download some new songs, i’m getting sick of them too fast.