weekly roundup: likes and dislikes

things i love
– discovering new blogs: i was going through a lack of inspiration meltdown a little while back, but i’ve found some new things to be positively influenced by and now i’m happy.
– colours: maroon, burgundy, yellow, navy, grey, khaki and anything leather (i know it’s not a colour, but it felt like it fit)
– beauty: nails inc nailpolish in eccleston mews. it’s the most perfect raspberry red and goes sickeningly well with MAC red lipstick.

things i dislike
– fashion: *sigh* right. let’s begin. the latest thing that honestly does my head in is when people buy something just because it’s got a designer label. it could be literally the most vile and disgusting top in creation and just because it’s got ‘D&G’ splattered across the label people are like ‘oh my god, i simply have to have it!’ really? do you really have to? i’m sure as hell if it just said topshop or H&M on it, you wouldn’t be messing your pants quite so much.
now, don’t get me wrong, i’m quite a lover of designer labels myself but from a practical, investment point of view. styles that’ll never go out of fashion, like a quilted chanel or a celine boston or a burberry trench.
i’m not sure if it makes people seem shallow, as if they do it just to say they’re wearing a label or whether they’re just too absorbed into that designer world. either way, i am definitely not a fan and i feel sorry for those people who feel the need to hide behind a label. especially when in reality it’s hideous, no matter which way you look at it.

blogs i love
– beauty: temptalia is becoming my favourite just for the detail that goes into every product review. from the swatches to the ratings on the packaging and applications, it makes me feel very inspired to do new things with my makeup and try new items out.
– fashion: i’ve been more inspired by photography and editorials, rather than personal style, recently. i’ve rediscovered knightcat and have been tracking my way through their back catalogue over the past few days.

on my to do list
– wear brighter colours: i’ve been obsessed with greys, blacks and maybe the odd red but i recently forced myself to buy more bright things and i need to find a way to implement them into my every day style. i’m not exactly a shy, retiring kind of person when it comes to clothes, so i’m sure i’ll be able to work something out.
– try new makeup looks: as said in the blogs i love, i’ve been inspired by different products and how they can look. i’ve always worn either a neutral eye or a smokey eye, usually browns or blacks. so i think i’m going to do more navy, burgundy and emerald green.

this has turned into an unintentionally long post, so i have one final thing to say. as i’ve been on a recent blog inspiration kick, if any of you who happen to stumble by my blog want to leave your blog links, i’d really appreciate it. i’m not bothered what you blog about, be it personal style, street style, inspiration, photography or beauty. i’ll happily take a look. thanks!