weekly roundup: likes and dislikes

things i love
– glitter: after initially hating those miu miu boots when they first came out, i’ve flipped round and am now completely in love. glitter on anything is high on my want list (hence the three pairs of boots i bought recently!). my nails are currently painted in OPI’s ‘bring on the bling’ as i type.
– shorts, trousers, jeans: i have a bit of an allergy to dresses and skirts (apart from maxi’s. i haven’t worn a short one for about a year now) so the other side of my wardrobe is getting a bit of abuse. my current favourite is berry coloured jeans from topshop and any shorts with chunky knits and wedges.
– face masks: i currently look like a smurf in my blueberry one from lush.
– having my hair cut: after growing it for two years (and cutting it only a few times) i had it done on wednesday and now my hair feels insanely healthy, i love it!

things i dislike
– going to the origins counter and buying a new moisturiser (post to come) only to come home and find it half price on ebay! literally the only time in the past god knows how many years where i haven’t looked on the internet first. nevermind, the lady at the counter was so lovely and gave me lots of free things, so it’s ok i guess. i’ll know for next time!

blogs i love
garconstyle: a blog about male street fashion/catwalk looks/style and it makes such a change seeing a whole host of well dressed men, as there’s such a limited number of them where i live!

on the to do list
– try really hard at the gym: i’ve had takeaway two days running and i realise how awful it makes me feel, totally gross. i’m not exactly fat (i’m a UK8/10) but i really want to get fit. i’ve been going to the gym 3-4 times a week, but last week i only went once because i opted for food and cheap drinks instead. new found dedication is go!