weekly roundup: likes and dislikes

things i love
– estee lauder double wear foundation: it makes my skin look better than it is which i am endlessly thankful for (currently testing the clarisonic mia, review on the way in a few weeks. it’s one of those worse before it gets better things)
– new/old conversation: talking to people you haven’t spoken to in a while, then wondering why you stopped speaking to them in the first place.
– j-pop and k-pop: literally can’t get enough in my ears. big bang – bringing your love is one of my most listened to songs this week. they half rap a part in english, CMON, how can you not love that!
– music in general: i go through phases when i get really obsessed with having my headphones permanently jammed in my ears and this week as been one of them. i highly recommend earmilk if you’re a fan of mash ups and remixes in general.

things i dislike
– my keyboard: there’s something stuck under the space bar and it’s getting on my nerves (yeah, i don’t have much to complain about this week)

blogs i like
– nightmaresandboners: it’s mainly about relationships and all of things you’d never really talk about, but it so beautifully written that even the most generally taboo subjects seem has innocent as a disney story.
– dearblankpleaseblank: entertaining letters to the world and other things, a good website to pass the time on.

5 facts about me
– beauty: if my nails are chipped it makes me have a small panic attack. not because i’m that superficial (really, i’m not), i just cannot abide the look of it. i went shopping with my mother the other week and had to go to boots to get pre-soaked nail polish remover pads just to take mine off as i felt like i couldn’t take my hands out of my pockets.
– lovers: one of my ex boyfriends took a picture of the back of me in my underwear without me noticing. it wasn’t until one of his female friends said i had a nice bum that i found out he had done it. safe to say i didn’t know whether to be annoyed or somewhat pleased that i got a compliment out of it.
– travel: i am so in love with japanese culture that i am literally counting down the days until i get to go next spring.
– habits: i dance constantly when i have my headphones in. whether it’s in my room sat on my bed or subtly on the metro, if a song makes me wanna dance then i will.
– food: i would happily live on one meal a day if it wasn’t for my mother insisting that i eat more. i detest breakfast and don’t usually eat from when i get up until after 5, even when i’m going to the gym. i would happily replace all my daily calories for a starbucks caramel hot chocolate.