weekly wants: if i had a million pounds

louis vuitton backpack – $549

louis vuitton alma mm bag – £1360

chanel jumbo xl lambskin – approx $2599

hermes birkin – £9000 (this makes me cry)

vivienne westwood bag – £467

all images from google

i don’t really buy that many bags, i’m definitely more of a shoe girl, but if i had a large amount of money to spend i’d definitely buy all of the above. despite the fact that i’d have to wrestle with my morals to part with £9000 for a bag, i think i’d be ok once i got home and pranced about with it. i’d be literally terrified to take them out incase they got damaged though.
my friend sharon has the red louis vuitton bag (yes, she spent her student loan wisely) and i can definitely say it’s beautiful.
i only own a (small) handful of designer bags. my favourite two being my vintage fendi and my heart shaped vivienne westwood bag (though it slices my hands off whenever i use it, horrible zip!) and i would have no hesitation in adding to them if i could. maybe i might save up and try, hmm…