weekly wants: a mixture

michael kors MK8077 watch, bourjois feutre liner, collar tip cape shirt, mulberry effie tote in hot pink, concealed wedge trainers, mint nail polish, marc jacobs katie turnlock bracelet

i’ve been obsessed with the effie tote for a considerable amount of time now, but as it’s £595 it’s one of those things that needs more pondering. i’ve actually ordered the michael kors watch and the cape shirt so i’ll be excited when they arrive. i think the marc jacobs bracelet would compliment the MK watch perfectly, but they’ve completely vanished on ebay. i mean, no way am i paying £90 when i can potentially get it for £40. those isabel marant rip off trainers are only £32 on ebay and i am extremely tempted. as for the beauty products, everyone needs a good mint nail polish and the quality of that eyeliner is impressive! i’d definitely recommend it.