weekly wants: skincare

i’m feeling a little bit better today! still got all the signs of a cold but less nausea and a better tolerance to light (i couldn’t even look at my phone properly yesterday), so it’s all good.
with me being ill i had a bit of time to have a look around on the internet (with the screen dimmed of course, how sad).

i go through these phases of really loving skincare, makeup etc, where i really want to look after my body and make it look the best it can be. maybe that’s part of my reasoning behind joining the gym (besides feeling like a massive flump)

anyways, on todays agenda is skincare. i’ve known about dermalogica for years but have never got round to using them as i was always a devout clarins or clinique girl. with me being ill for the past few days it’s really depressed me because my skin has suffered because of it. so, i get money in two days and i was thinking about treating myself to a few of these products (i really want all of them, but that’ll cost a bomb. then again there’s always ebay…)
here’s the things i’ve selected:

left to right: 
– pure night moisturiser:A nourishing, brightening overnight treatment to help minimize surface spots while conditioning and hydrating skin. Use nightly to help treat and prevent cellular discoloration, smooth fine dryness lines and defend against environmental damage and moisture loss’ as i’m only 20 i don’t really have fine line issues, but i would like an even skin tone, so i think it’s a definite ‘buy me’ contender.

– special cleansing gel: A concentrated, soap-free, foaming gel designed to thoroughly remove impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance.’ i do need a new cleanser as i always feel like my skin is never clean enough, and this one has had great reviews.

– multi-active toner: An ultra-light facial spritz that refreshes and hydrates the skin while smoothing the surface. Helps condition skin to prepare for proper moisture absorption.’ another one that has had great reviews, leaves skin plumper, apparently. sounds good

– multivitamin thermafoliant (exfoliator): ‘A powerful thermal skin polisher that combines physical and chemical exfoliants to refine skin texture and enhance penetration of age-fighting actives into skin, while advanced technology ingredients condition and treat the skin.‘ i am a big exfoliator kinda person, i love the stuff, got to have it

left to right:
– multivitamin power recover mask: ‘A powerful masque of concentrated antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover from damage while enhancing barrier properties and promoting healthy tissue regeneration.’ i usually use a yoghurt mask from korres, but i would really like something new

– skin hydrating booster: ‘A super-saturated hydrating fluid for the driest of skin conditions that intensely moisturizes thirsty skin as it smoothes and minimizes fine lines.’ for when your skin needs a moisture boost, like my cheeks often do (damn combination skin)

– c-12 concentrate: ‘A silky-rich, high-potency treatment that brightens, helps treat cellular discoloration and improves skin clarity. Velvety silicones absorb quickly to condition skin and help reinforce the barrier lipid layer.’ this stuff has had brilliant reviews when used in conjunction with the pure night moisuriser. it gives skin an extra lift while evening out the skin tone

– body hydrating cream: ‘An advanced body cream with hydroxy acids and essential plant oils to smooth and condition skin.’ because everybody needs to use a body moisturiser, i’ve just thrown a one with self tan on today (as it was the only one i could find) so i think i should invest some money in a nice non-tan one

all images taken off the dermalogica website, prices for each item can be found here

if i buy any of these products i may write a review on them just because i can. it’s a long post, i know, but i hope it might inspire you to buy nice things (or not, whichever).

i believe you should always buy the best products you can afford and i always see my skin as an investment, you only get one face after all…