weekly wants: wedges and stripes

topshop script wedges (both colours) – £70
topshop kozy loafers – £50
topshop navy stripe playsuit – £26
topshop 70’s poppy print trousers – £38

all images and items found via topshop
i tried on the bright pink wedges instore on thursday and completely fell in love. despite the fact that my wardrobe is a palette that doesn’t usually incorporate such a loud shade, i am becoming more and more obsessed with bright colours. especially fushia and tangerine, i think it’s prada’s fault.

the weather has been really nice in the north east of england for the past few days so i went for a walk with my sister and niece yesterday, for about 6 miles. baring in mind that the furthest i usually walk is to the metro station (about 10mins away) i thought this was quite an achievement.

i also saw my friend sharon the other day, we went for food in this tucked away little restaurant in newcastle with it’s big squishy seats and tasty potato skins. we then sat outside of starbucks for about 5 hours. people watching is the best past time. we saw the most fierce gay guy carrying a huge vivienne westwood bag, he looked amazing.

i’m finished university for the easter holidays which means i have three weeks to do whatever i want. i bet i spend most of it on here…