What I Got For Christmas

what-i-got-for-christmas-2016 what-i-got-for-christmas-asos-silk-cami-pjs-hotel-chocolate-christmas-mess-cranberry what-i-got-for-christmas-cannibals-guide-to-ethical-living-hairy-bikers-meat-book what-i-got-for-christmas-nars-steve-klein-blush-palette-one-shocking-moment what-i-got-for-christmas-zoeva-brush-set-rose-gold-eye-face

I always feel slightly indulgent writing a post with such a title, but I’m incredibly nosy and love seeing what other people got for Christmas (big or small) so I except a lot of you are the same. I find as I get older, I’m totally satisfied with opening a few well thought out, select presents and the fact that someone has spent their hard earned cash (again, big or small) on you is more than enough. I appreciate gestures and intentions a lot more now, too, I think. So, let’s see what I was kindly bought.

My boyfriend never knows what to buy me (though I’ve recently found out he keeps a list of things in his phone when I mention them, aww) so I dropped a few hints, read: sent him a few links and I’m so happy with what he picked. First is the beautiful NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Blush Palette, which has the most perfect combination of shades. As someone who tends to stick to one blush for ages, this will definitely help me mix it up a bit! Next, he bought me the Lola’s Forever Cupcake Cookbook, as you all know I’m a keen baker (new recipe post coming up soon, actually!). My Amazon wishlist is full to the brim with books, so he selected me the Cannibals Guide to Ethical Living and Hooray For Death which I’ll be devouring soon no doubt. I have an odd taste in books – anything with gore, bizarro concepts and horror is right up my street. Aaand finally, those beaut emerald ASOS pjs which are so pretty!

I’ve been meaning to get the Zoeva brushes for absolutely ages, so my parents kindly offered to pick them up for me. There’s the Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set and the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set, which I’m really excited to try as I’ve heard great things about them. They also bought me some other bits and pieces not photographed, but I’m looking forward to trying the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Eton Mess, as their chocolates are so good. Oh and my sister, among other things including the cosiest pjs in the world, bought me the Hairy Bikers Meat Feasts CookBook because I properly love cooking and eating and I’m pretty sure my family are trying to fatten me up…

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and if you shared what you got, do leave a link below! 

Helen x
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