What I Want To Wear This Spring


Spring is in the air.

Spring is upon is in the UK right now and I've had my legs out on approximately 3 occasions, so it's safe to assume we can move onto our more warm-weather-appropriate wardrobe pieces. Since I am still in the mood of only purchasing a) quality pieces (which doesn't have to mean expensive, just nice materials) and b) items I will only wear again and again with a restriction on trend pieces, I've been having a very good think about what I want to wear during the next few months.

As I live in the North of England, it's not always as toasty warm as everywhere else, so I'm still going to have a focus on good denim and layering pieces to create the vibes I want but without shivering. So, that means a good blazer, some slightly thicker jeans, tops-with-sleeves and shoes that aren't just two leather straps.

Scouring Pinterest and Instagram is my favourite way to source new looks, as there are thousands of beautiful outfits out there to steal take inspiration from. Whether you see a combination of colours that you want to try out or find the perfect style of top to wear with the jeans you already have, it's worth collating your ideas so you don't rush out to the shops and drop too much cash without really knowing how you want to dress for the season.

Take it from me. I've been there, done that, spent hours on eBay trying to get rid of the items I've impulse bought...

So, my inspiration comes from the following images to begin with and I'll share some of my favourite high street finds below too.

There's only a few things I want to pick up for this Spring...

A good white shirt  - I have one vintage white shirt, but it's really soft, almost flannel, material which isn't the coolest to wear in warm weather. I would love an oversized, crisp cotton number like this & Other Stories one.

A tote bag - I have my every day staple bags now but one thing I'm lacking is a tote. None of my current bags fit my laptop and the other things I would need if I was working from a cafe or staying somewhere overnight, so I tend to take my normal handbag and a cotton tote. I'm determined to find one that fits everything and can be worn all year round.

A cream silky skirt - I'm glad this style is still popular, as it's going to make finding this item quite easy. A wear-with-anything silky number will be mine...

My favourite places to shop for S/S:

Mango - Mango do great linen and cotton pieces, as well as very classic styles of dresses and skirts for Spring. I love scouring through the site to find those hidden gems!

& Other Stories - Great for more trend-led pieces, but they do tend to have a better fit and be better quality (overall) than other high street stores. They have some beautiful dresses online right now.

Zara - Watch out for materials, as Zara does tend to be a polyester-fest (which you don't want to wear in warm weather) but occasionally they have good cotton or linen piece. Searching by keyword helps.

H&M - I like H&M's premium and conscious range, not because I think they're a conscious brand by any stretch of the imagination (they're still very much fast fashion), but that particular collection tends to have items with better materials. H&M is good for classic items and summer dresses, I think.

My favourites from the high street







Instagram Inspiration

I do love searching Instagram for inspiration, so I've put a few accounts below that I'm obsessed with!

Anine Bing for obvious reasons, Donna Bartoli for jeans and blazers done right, Hannah aka Cocobeautea for great every day outfits, Petra aka pepamack for classic pieces styled well aaaand Dita Sherlock aka sherlockdiary for warm toned pieces and vintage vibes.

What are you looking out for this Spring?