What I’m Cooking This Week #2


Photo from this recipe, one of the main meals for this week.

The lunches and mains I'm meal prepping this week...

Following on from my story question on Instagram, I'm going to start documenting what I'm cooking or meal prepping every week as you all said you wanted to see it! I do typically share my meals on stories, but I thought this might be a nice way to share a meal plan of sorts if any of you wanted to follow along or just wanted some inspiration for your own meal planning.

Worth noting -

I mostly eat pescatarian and vegetarian/vegan with a very limited amount of dairy (my skin hates it) and more of an emphasis on quality protein. I love variety and nutritious food, but still enjoy baking and have something sweet every day (and not just a square of dark chocolate because that's boring). I am cooking for myself and my partner only and tend to do 1 shop per week, typically meal planning on a Sunday and getting a delivery on a Monday, so I'm going to try and post this on a Sunday if I can.

Anything under 30 minutes I class as quick. Anything 30-40mins is reasonable!


Make ahead tip for this week - we have multiple portions of rice (4 main meal recipes), so get the rice cooker out and make a batch at the start of the week.


Lunch is around 6 days worth of food between 3 recipes. They're all oven based which makes it easier as you don't need to spend long prepping, just shove it on a tray and cook it.

Meal prep tip: I would cook 2 recipes in the oven at once - for eg. the roast potatoes, chickpeas and carrots as they should all fit in together and they take around the same time (35-40mins). I'd cook the cauliflower on the 5th day when you've got the oven on for your main meal.

honey harissa carrots

Roasted Potato Salad with BBQ Chickpeas - oven - 2 days (reasonable)

A regular in my fridge, this recipe is so easy to throw together and reheats well too.

Honey Harissa Carrots - oven - 2 days (reasonable)

I've made this before and tend to omit the whipped feta. I pile it on top of giant couscous with garlicky sauce.

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus Bowls - oven - 2 days (quick)

I saw this on Instagram today and had to instantly add it to the list. Herby sauce, creamy hummus and spicy roasted cauliflower? Yes please.


Main Meal

There's quite a few recipes this week, but they're all very easy and most are less than 20mins.

Meal prep tips: There's a few portions of rice this week, so prep enough portions for 4 meals. If you want to increase the protein, roast a tin of chickpeas (with garlic powder, paprika, olive oil, salt, pepper) and add a handful to each salmon bowl or salad.


General Tso's Quick Vegan Tofu Noodles - pan - 1 day (quick)

I love getting the protein fresh noodles from Tesco to add an extra 15-20g protein along with the tofu.

Korean Gochujang Tofu Rice Bowls - pan - 1 day (quick)

I have some gochujang paste to use up, so this is perfect for that. So quick and simple!

Chili Salmon Bowl with Avocado Mango Salsa - oven - 1 day (quick)

I've made this almost every week for around 2 months now. It's so easy and so flavourful. I'm obsessed with it.

Asian Chilli Garlic Prawns - pan - 1 day (quick)

A repeat from last week, but I really loved the flavours in this and it takes barely any time to make it.

BBQ Salmon Rice Bowls - oven - 1 day (quick)

I've made this a few times before and it's very tasty. I'm choosing this one as it uses up the rest of the mango and avo from the other recipe!

Roasted Broccoli, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Salad - oven - 2 days (reasonable)

This makes a good leftover lunch and a great way to use up a lot of veg. The sauce they show in the recipe is very good, or you can omit the hummus and replace with mayo for the bestttt garlic mayo ever. Or do whichever sauce you want ontop. Bulk it out with any grain if you need to.


If I was baking this week....

I would make this Carrot Cake Coffee Cake as it looks so easy but so good!


Enjoy! If you cooked any of these meals, please tag me on Instagram!