What I’m Cooking This Week #3


The lunches and mains I'm meal prepping this week...

Following on from my story question on Instagram, I'm going to start documenting what I'm cooking or meal prepping every week as you all said you wanted to see it! I do typically share my meals on stories, but I thought this might be a nice way to share a meal plan of sorts if any of you wanted to follow along or just wanted some inspiration for your own meal planning.

Worth noting -

I mostly eat pescatarian and vegetarian/vegan with a very limited amount of dairy (my skin hates it) and more of an emphasis on quality protein. I love variety and nutritious food, but still enjoy baking and have something sweet every day (and not just a square of dark chocolate because that's boring). I am cooking for myself and my partner only and tend to do 1 shop per week, typically meal planning on a Sunday and getting a delivery on a Monday, so I'm going to try and post this on a Sunday if I can.

Anything under 30 minutes I class as quick. Anything 30-40mins is reasonable!


Lunch is around 6 days worth of food between 3 recipes and you'll need to fire up the oven for all 3. I would make 2 recipes for 4 days in 1 batch and then make the other recipe when you put the oven on for a main meal later in the week.

This week I'm decorating the house so I wanted quick and easy recipes to grab and scoff before heading back to the paintbrush!


Roasted Broccoli, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Salad - oven - 2 days (reasonable)

I've made this one so many times and I will continue to make it over and over. It's such a no brainer and very tasty.

Cauliflower Hummus Bowl - oven - 2 days (reasonable)

I've included this one before but I loved it so much that I'm making it again. Who knew making your own hummus was so easy?

Roasted Chickpea Veggie Bowl - oven - 2 days (reasonable)

Another easy recipe but one packed with nutrition. I used to hate Brussels sprouts, but I don't mind them roasted.

Main Meal

I've picked some very easy recipes this week - some are repeats, some I haven't made in a little while. Nothing new as I don't have the brain capacity for it right now!


Chilli Crisp Salmon - oven - 1 day (quick)

I've made this week after week and I have no plans on stopping because it's so delicious.

Chipotle Honey Salmon Bowl - oven - 1 day (quick)

I have some chipotle paste to use up and that flavour combined with honey is so good.

Chilli Tofu - pan - 1 day (quick)

I made this last week and I'm making it again as I've got some cravings!

Quick General Tso's Tofu Noodles - pan - 1 day (quick)

This one is very quick, very tasty and very easy. I've got some hoisin to use up, too.

Hidden Veg Tomato Pasta - pan - 3 days (quick)

A default recipe when I need something to last for a few days!


Enjoy! If you cooked any of these meals, please tag me on Instagram!