Wishin’ for Spring


Looking outside of my window today, I can only hope that Spring gets its butt into gear and graces us with its presence sometime very soon. It’s so chilly! I went to my parents house yesterday and it was a snowing. Snowing! I’m totally over having to wear a fur coat now (even though I will love my Reiss ones forever I think) and I’m longing for lighter layers, or even just lighter colours.

Anyway, I’ve decided to go with a slightly different format with my wishlists, as I wanted to add a bit more graphic detail instead of just throwing a bunch of products down on a page. Hope you like it! As for the products, I’m totally obsessed with the combination of light/blush pink, white and grey. It’s all I want to wear. I think it’s my new Chloe bag, as it’s influencing pretty much all of my sartorial choices recently. I know I’ve always been a fairly white/grey/black kinda gal, but neutrals are sneaking their way into my wardrobe and are more than welcome to do so!

What are you favourite shades to wear right now? Anything on your wishlist?

Helen x
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