WISHLIST: The Accessories Edit #1

grey bag | sunglasses | wedges | trainers | black belt | white clutch | infinity bracelet | white bag | hat | watch

Hello! I’d thought I’d put together a list of few accessories I’ve been loving recently, as my ASOS etc wishlis/baskets are getting pretty full!

If I had some spare cash, that beautiful Kate Spade watch would be winging its way to be as it’s the perfect balance of classic and stylish. I’m desperate for a watch with a leather strap, so I’ll start saving my pennies now. Like a true blogger, I’ve had my eye on a Whistles clutch for an age and a white leather version would be perfect in my wardrobe. I’d just have to persuade myself to actually use clutch bags, as I never do! A more every day alternative would be the somewhat Hermes-esque H&M which is a steal at under £20. I very nearly added it to my basket while looking for items to put in this post!

As for shoes, I’d love my New Balance collection to increase so a navy blue suede pair would be a nice addition. I love those Topshop shoes/wedges too, as they’d look so chic with a black skirt and striped, which is all I want to wear right now.

I’m going to make a conscious effort to wear more jewellery this year, so obviously anything with the infinity sign gets my attention. I’ve really been into chunky chains and precious stones recently, mixed with anything delicate and subtle. I’ve also been looking at the Zayah site, as mothers day is coming up and I know my mum would love something from there!

So that’s all the accessories I’ve been loving. Sorry it’s another black and white list, but, well, that’s very ‘me’ at the moment! Promise I’ll mix it up a little next time, once I find some pieces with colour that I like…

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