WISHLIST: Dear Santa…

Oh Christmas. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas in terms of the actual day, but I do thoroughly enjoy buying presents for people. I’m always anxious about what people decide to get me as I’m apparently ‘hard to buy for’ given that if I want something, 9/10 I’ll just go and buy it myself. This gurl don’t need no man etc etc. So, as someone asked me the other day what I wanted, I sat down and had a little think, which proved to be harder than once thought as I don’t technically need anything.

Buuut, if I had to pick out some stand out items from the list above it would have to be (first and foremost) the Adidas Originals trainers (UK7, if you please). I mean, I’ve seen them on all of my favourite bloggers which means I naturally need them. That and I’ve been dying to get a pair for years, if I’m honest. They’re classics, right? If I had to pick some more things, it would be the two books, as I feel like I need some life and style inspiration right now and they might be just the ticket. I’d opt for the Zelens Eye Cream simply because mine has ran out and it is, hands down, the best one I have ever used. The Dior foundation and the Jo Malone cologne can come home with me too, as I must have them sooner or later. Oh and those black Zara boots, because if I can’t have the Acne Jensen pair then these are surely the next best thing.

If we were living in a dream land where money was no object, the Mulberry lily bag would be mine because, well, look at it! Gorgeous. I wouldn’t say no to a black Proenza Schouler PS11 bag either while we’re at it. And the kitty flats, c’mon. Although my blog name may be a Cure song, I can’t resist anything cat shaped (them being on a pair of shoes is a bonus).

So, that’s my Christmas list – what are you after this year?

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Helen x
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